What kind of Post-Closing QC Audit Reports do you provide?

Our Post Closing QC Audit Reports Package includes all the reports and analysis you need to properly and completely review the effectiveness of your production operations.

We provide an Executive Summary which is a narrative describing the audit process, key facts of the monthly audit and our suggestions, recommendations and matters of concern as applicable.

The Findings Section of the report package contains three groups of reports, All Findings, Loan Document Findings and Compliance Document Findings.  Each of these three groups includes loan level detail reports that sorts the findings in several different ways, such as by office, loan type, origination process, and severity.  All Findings Reports not only include the finding codes and finding descriptions, but auditor comments which provide a detailed explanation of each finding.

The reports package also includes several Trend Analysis Reports that provide a 12-month history of key facts, such as average findings per file, findings by loan type, findings by origination process, findings by severity and the Overall, Critical, and Important Gross and Net Defect Rates.

We will be happy to send you a sample of our reports package upon request.