Our Auditors – Mortgage Lending and Quality Control

All auditors have many years experience in the mortgage business.

All newly hired auditors go through a extensive two-month training program. After that they spend another month auditing test cases with constant evaluation. Only after the successful completion of the training program are they ready to audit live files.

We have three levels of QC Auditors based upon their level of mortgage lending and quality control experience. A QC Auditor I has at least two years experience in the mortgage lending industry, mostly as mortgage loan processors. A QC Auditor II has at least five to 10 years experience in mortgage lending and quality control. A QC Auditor III has 10 or more years experience in mortgage lending and quality control.

Our office manager has more than 25 years experience in mortgage lending, including more than 15 years experience with Culp QC, Inc.

Our Owner/President has more than 40 years mortgage lending experience, including nearly 30 years experience in Quality Control.

All audits performed by our auditors are reviewed by either our office manager or by a QC Auditor III. Having two sets of eyes reviewing the loan files is an important step towards ensuring that the quality control reports are as accurate and meaningful as possible.