Scott W.

Thanks for getting us back in compliance. We know we slammed you with a lot of files due to our back log created by our previous QC vendor, but you guys did a great job getting us caught up. We appreciate your help!

Mike B.

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know we really like your new QC Audit Reports with all the trend analysis. The data you provide us helps a lot in the overall management of our production operation.

Sandy S.

Thanks for all the data you provided us concerning the Fannie Mae Defect Rates requirement.  You guys are awesome!!

Paul R.

As CEO of this company, I sleep a little better at night, knowing that you are auditing our files and watching our backs.  Thanks.

Patty B.

We just recently went through a Fannie Mae review in order to become a Seller/Servicer. We were pleased to learn that the Fannie Mae representative was very aware of Culp QC and had many positive comments with regard to your Post Closing Quality Control Reports and Procedures.

Randy C.

Once again, thanks so much for your help. I think at this point we have a compliant QC process – couldn’t have done it without your assistance. GREAT customer service.

Leon S.

I must tell you that you folks have been a “breath of fresh air” in working with us to get the system and process down.